As a household owner we provided a safe home and clean environment for our families so that nothing occurs to them. Our homes are the biggest investment for our family. The second largest investment for our family is a safe automobile that meets the standard for our family and it also speaks about our personality. Most of the time we do not take into consideration the importance of keeping our automobiles clean and maintained. Like homes, automobiles require maintenenace, so their value depends upon their condition. The automobile value might be poor, good, very good or excellent this is why it is important to keep your automobile in top shape condition, so when you have to sell it or buy another you will get the best value on the market. Complete Car Detail is commited in keeping your second largest investment in optimum condition.


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Mobile detail carwash



Includes: outside, vacuum, glass, dash, and center console, between doors, inside out wheels, under fendors, tire dressing, AWESOME POLYMER FINISH WAX.

Mobile detail carwash



Includes: outside, vacuum, glass, dash, and center console, between doors, inside out wheels, under fendors, tire dressing.




Is to refine what others do well. There are many other detailing centers but not all  have the technic and experience to detail your car in a perfect way, whether it is the interior or exterior. Complete Car Detail takes pride in everything related to the maintenance of your vehicle. The passion we have for the cars makes us different from other detailing centers. The passion for cars requires us to provide an excellent service. That is why we are making the difference. We are pleased to see a customer satisfied with our work.


"Perfection is our reputation".


Customer Satifaction is our best advertisement.


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We come to you.

My family are business owners. In the year 2000 I had a dream so real about a business that did not exist at that time. I wrote the vision of the type of business but I could not interpreted the dream that I had at that moment. I looked for information about the dream in various places. In the place that I found the answer and the interpretation of my dream, was in the Bible in the book of Habakkuk. It stated the following " The Lord answered me: Write down this vision; clearly inscribed it on tablets so one may easily read it. For the vision is yet for the appointed time; it as about the end and will not lie. Though it delays, wait for it, since it will, I suggest you eat and not be late". After I read the passage I could understand the meaning of the dream that I had. at that moment the business was born "Centro Detalles Quick Lube and Car Wash". We provided service to about an 80 car fleet with FedEx and to customers at their homes. Now in Georgia 2013 is born CompleteCarDetail as result with our service we have satisfied customers.


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